Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rally For The Republic

My latest e-mail from Ron Paul`s Campaign for Liberty

Monday, August 25, 2008

And now for the announcement you've been waiting for! Today, we roll out the official schedule of events for the Rally for the Republic in Minneapolis on Tuesday, September 2.

Tuesday's Rally for the Republic will be the official kickoff of Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty.

You will witness a historic event, as we present the vision for Campaign for Liberty, feature numerous speakers from various areas of our philosophy, and entertain you into the night with famous musical artists.

Last week, we revealed Monday's schedule for the Ron Paul Nation Celebration. Monday's event will be a free concert to celebrate all you have accomplished over the past year in spreading the message of liberty, but recognizing this is only the beginning. Please visit our website to see the full schedule.

As you read the schedule, please realize we are down to our last few tickets for Tuesday's Rally for the Republic. Trust me; you do not want to miss this event. This will be Ron Paul's legendary moment and a very important first step in calling the GOP back to its roots, as we are only a few miles from the Republican National Convention.

Tuesday's Rally for the Republic schedule:

11:30 - Doors open
12:30 - Intro: Tucker Carlson
12:40 - National Anthem: Matt Colvin
12:50 - Invocation: Barb Davis White
12:55 - Howard Phillips
1:10 - Doug Wead
1:30 - Tom Woods
1:50 - Grover Norquist
2:10 - Lew Rockwell
2:30 - Bill Kauffman
2:50 - Special Guest
3:10 - Bruce Fein
3:35 - Jesse Ventura
4:05 - John Tate, Campaign for Liberty Presentation
4:25 - Gov. Gary Johnson
5:00 - Aimee Allen
6:00 - Break
7:00 - Intro: Barry Goldwater
7:05 - Ron Paul
8:05 - Sara Evans
9:30 - End of Program

See you in Minneapolis,

Campaign for Liberty Staff

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